Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vedavoo's Reel Service 2015

One of my favorite projects to follow every year for the last few. Vedavoo does some amazing things for phenomenal organizations like PHWFF. Check it out and see if you want to grab a ticket to win some great gear from a GREAT U.S., hand-made company with work from the best artists in the industry. I've got my tickets, do you?


"Reel Service Project" to Raffle Hand Painted Packs and Gear with Proceeds for Vets
Partnering with many of the industry's best and brightest artists, Vedavoo hand built a series of packs, bags, and other gear to be hand-painted.  These one-of-a-kind pieces are part of an annual raffle, the proceeds of which, are being dedicated to Project Healing Waters and the veterans they serve.

Support from the art community was outstanding, making this event truly special. Well-known artists Derek DeYoung, A.D. Maddox, Andrea Larko, Paul Puckett, Jeff Kennedy, Eric Hornung, Jonathan Marquardt, and Josh Udesen, and up-and-coming artists like Ty Hallock and Jared Nielson each donated their time for the cause.  Each was given a "canvas" with total artistic freedom.   True to form, each piece represents the best of what Vedavoo and the Artist have to give.  Other artists have shown interest in joining the program before the end of the raffle as well.

Core pieces were unveiled at the IFTD show in Orlando this July, and were then sent to the American Museum of Fly Fishing for special exhibition.

Each of the raffle prizes is displayed at http://www.vedavoo.com/product-category/reel-service/  - and tickets for the raffle can be purchased directly through the Vedavoo site.  They are being offered for $10 per ticket, 6 for $50, or 12 for $100 until the close of the event.

Vedavoo hopes to raise $10,000 for PHWFF by year's end with the project.  All proceeds from the event will be donated.

To Learn More - or to view these special pieces - please visit VEDAVOO.com.


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