Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fly Product...Fade Task Lamp

Via Gear Culture:

Seems like the perfect fly tying desk light to me. Especially for those who spend a majority of their day tying.

A revolutionary design makes the Fade Task Lamp an office and home essential. Its sleek look and unimposing construction are complimented by its 120 degrees of articulation, 270 degrees arm rotation and intuitive multi-slider color lighting control. It even includes a USB port. -$199



  1. It looks pretty, but how good is the light quality and how much light is it putting out?

    1. Great questions Josh. Per the website, it has a 16 LED array that output 46 LM/W with a total of 45 lumens on the low end and 370 lumens on the high end since it can fade. Those LEDs have a color temp of 2700-5600K which is pretty bright white on the top end and more of a yellow light on the low end.