Friday, July 10, 2015

Fly Product...Seele's NEW Tactical Trout Rod

Via Seele Fly Rods:

Our TruTech system has allowed us to create a 10'5" 4piece 4wt weighing less than 3 ounces! 
The Seele Tactical Trout is the ultimate rod for European nymphing because of it's amazingly light weight and high sensitivity. 

What sets it even further apart from other European style nymphing rods is that it is a true 4wt with a taper so smooth and easy to cast that it makes an ideal dry fly rod. The Tactical Trout loads with just a couple feet of line, will easily turn over a 18' leader, and will throw pin point accurate casts at long range. 

It's not only the ideal European nymphing rod but also the perfect dry fly rod for bigger streams like the Deleware and Penns Creek that are filled with selectively sipping trout. 



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