Friday, May 8, 2015

Striper Migration Map

I stumbled upon an awesome Striped Bass migration tool via Facebook yesterday courtesy of one of my weekly reads, On the Water. The map was last updated on the 5th with a new update on the horizon (based on trends of update releases). Check it...

Via On the Water:


The striper spawn in the Chesapeake was “steady and protracted” reported the Maryland DNR. Winter rain and snow runoff a good March plankton bloom and subsequent zooplankton bloom, which hopefully will provide a food source for newly hatched striped bass larvae. Cross your fingers for a big 2015 year-class!
Post-spawn fish have begun to leave the spawning grounds, and many big, spawned-out fish are being caught by anglers in the Bay. In the next week, those fish will begin leaving the Bay and heading up the coast toward New Jersey.

To read more and get detailed info broken down to the state waters level, click here. Be sure to check On the Water often for an updated map and info.


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