Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meet the Participants: The 9th Annual 2-Fly Tournament

Couldn't be more excited...T-7 Days.


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing participants from around the country will compete, guided by industry professionals, in the 9th Annual 2-Fly Tournament on April 26, 2015 at Rose River Farm. It is our pleasure to introduce them to you. 
The 2-Fly Tournament will field twelve Pro/Vet teams pairing veteran participants with a professional fly-fishing guide. Only the veterans will be able to fish. The professional guides cannot fish but should concentrate on assisting the veteran team members. For complete information on the 9th Annual 2-Fly Tournament click here.

-CPT (ret.) Alvin Shell - US Army (Iraq)

-SSG (ret.) Bill Bales - US Army & USMC (Vietnam)

-SPC (sep.) Blake Spencer - US Army (Iraq)

-SGT (ret.) Calvin Norton - US Army (Vietnam)

-SGT Corey Collins - US Army (Afghanistan)

-SGT (ret) Dan Moneymaker - US Army (Vietnam)

-SFC (ret.) Frank Ortega - US Army

-SGT (ret.) Gerry McKay - US Army (Vietnam)

-SSG (ret.) Jason “JT” Turner - US Army (Kosovo, Iraq, & Afghanistan)

-SSG (ret) Jose Olea - US Army (Vietnam)

-SPC (sep.) Nicky Dayton - US Army (Iraq)

-SGT (ret) Shawn Cushing - US Army (Iraq)

To read these brave men and woman's individual bios, click here. Amazing people...true role models.


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