Friday, April 10, 2015

Fly Product...Vedavoo's TL Beast Sling Pack

Via Vedavoo:

If you fish big flies out of big boxes, or want to carry several different boxes of flies and a days worth of gear, this sling is for you. Designed to work with the Cliff Beast Jr. Flybox, this pack comfortably carries large loads, keeping them on your back until you need them. Pulled to the front, you'll have quick access to tools, tippet, flies, and other gear to keep you fishing more with less frustration.

Product Description
Swinging flies for Steelhead and dredging deep for big Browns, or carrying an arsenal of patterns for prospecting, the TL BEAST SLING PACK was designed to carry a load more comfortably and with greater accessibility than other options. 
We spent two years perfecting the design to ensure that the load will stay on your back – out of your way – and without flopping to the front – until you need it there. The shape of the sling drives the weight down – past the center of gravity – so unlike other “circular” and “purse” slings, this one will stay put.
Pulled to the front, the pack lies flat across your chest – giving you quick access to your tools and tippet. A built in tippet holder on the front of the pouch holds a stack of spools securely, and six tool anchors keep your core gear handy and organized. Two additional tab loops take zingers, or provide a spot for you to pinch on your hemostats (after sliding them through one of the tool anchor loops for secure keeping). 
If you don’t like your hemo’s there – three small loops of 550 Paracord give you other options for securing the tool above the pouch opening.
The pouch is designed around the Cliff Beast Jr. Flybox (10″ X 6.5″ X 2.75″) – which fits inside like a glove. But because of the size of this flap-closure pouch, you have plenty of room to carry a dozen good boxes (and a lunch) with ease.
An insulated bottle sleeve holds your water below the pouch (when it’s on your back) – anchoring the load to your back and helping to prevent slip. A slight pull to the front presents the bottle for quick drinks – and when the pack is pulled forward, the bottle sits beside the pouch for easy access.
A secondary zipper pocket lets you tuck in gink, indicators, weight, etc. – but keeps them out of your way until needed. 
For Raingear, we’ve designed the pack with a deep pocket that lets you tuck in your jacket behind the pouch / water bottle sleeve – making it quickly accessible but keeping it out of your way until you need it. Because of the positioning of this pocket, your raingear provides a bit of padding on your back when it’s stuffed in – keeping weight down and ensuring comfort on long days.
Every pack is hand-built to order in our workshop using 1000D American woven Cordura fabrics and American made hardware, straps, and closures. Even the thread used to sew your pack is American Made. We’re looking forward to building yours!
Weight20 oz
Dimensions12 x 16 x 3 in


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