Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fish Art..."The Most Important Fish in the Sea" by David Sikorski

You may have seen the post I put up on social media earlier this week about David Sikorski's "The Most Important Fish in the Sea" carving, portraying a school of menhaden, the most important link in the food chain as a forage fish. Sikorski carved this piece for our Annapolis Chapter Banquet to benefit the Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland.

Carved on a piece of driftwood found on Holland Island, this piece is the perfect representation of what this fish is about. This weathered, old, beat-up board represents a fish that is just as tarnished. Menhaden need our help, they need to be protected and preserved not only for their own well-being, but for that of the species that rely on them for food...more specifically, the Striped Bass.

Check it as this process has unfolded (click photos to enlarge)...

This piece could be yours if you are able to make it out for the banquet! I will be taking phone bids for those seriously interested. If you would like to bid via phone call, email me at and we can get connected with phone numbers.

Be sure to give Sikorski a follow on Instagram (@what_tide_is_it) and to follow along with us next Thursday for the banquet. If you would like more info on CCA, the banquet, and conservation efforts here in Maryland, check out


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