Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Daily Deal...$99 Starter Rods & Reels

Lately I've had a large number of people come to me asking about starting out in fly fishing, or moving on to a better outfit. I've owned or casted/played with most godsend reels on the market, so I feel like I can give a decent recommendation depending on a few variables that help fit a setup to a certain persons preferred likes and dislikes. But when it comes to someone first getting into the sport, I cannot recommend Allen Fly Fishing's setups higher because of price and quality.

Here's a prime example as to why...

With a starting retail price of $99, our Compass Series rods and ATS reels most obvious appeal is the price point.  But don't be fooled by the price.  Neither would be what you would call a "cheap" rod or reel.  Both offer outstanding performance.  Not just for the price, but as serious fishing tools.


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