Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fly Product...Swift Fly Fishing's Epic 888 FastGlass Fly Rod Blank

I'm drooling. My favorite number when it comes to fly rods is 8 and my favorite action is Fast, and my favorite color (in regards to glass blanks) is black...Swift Fly Fishing has done it with their new Epic 888 FastGlass. Every last detail, done.

I haven't pulled the trigger on a custom glass rod for years as I always had a feeling something was coming to fit my bill...it has. Check it...

Via Swift Fly Fishing:

Meet the very lucky Epic 888.

Our mighty 888 was designed specifically for chasing Bonefish but is just at home wrangling large freshwater species too. Given there’s not a flat where the wind doesn’t blow we’ve given the 888 an extra powerful butt section, strong tip and fast recovery rate to help punch a line out into those skinny water breezes.

Built Epic Tough.
Built using fully unidirectional S2 Glass Fibre the 888 is not only extremely light, it's built to take a pounding. Glass fibre is many times tougher and more resilient than the equivalent blank in Carbon Fibre.

Extra Lucky
In Chinese tradition, certain numbers are believed to be auspicious and possess special powers. The number 8 signifies prosperity and wealth and is viewed as such an auspicious number that a number with several eights is considered very lucky indeed. We think the 888 is extra lucky because, like us, it was made in New Zealand.

Finished in Gun Metal Grey

*Also available as a 'Ready to Wrap Rod Kit'

Specifications -
Recommended grain window at 30ft: 202 - 218 GRAINS. 13 - 14 GRAMS
Recommended AFFTA line weight:
Length: 8' 8"
Pieces: 4
Action: Progressive / Fast
Taper: Fast 
Butt Diameter: 12.26mm
Tip Diameter: 2.12mm
Blank Weight: 89 gm - 3.1oz 



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