Monday, March 30, 2015

CCA Maryland's 3rd Annual Red Trout Tournament

Mark your calendars, its on. CCA Maryland has just released the promo video for their 3rd Annual Red Trout Tournament (below).

Registration will be open April 1st. With this year's event scheduled to be the biggest yet, with sponsors and fisherman/women traveling from all over the eastern seaboard. Grab some popcorn and enjoy (you may recognize a certain angler in the video hardy harr)...

A little background on the more important aspects of the tourney and what CCA Maryland has done and is doing in relation to this tournament...

"The Red Trout Tournament started as an effort to bring awareness to the speckled trout and redfish fishery that exists in Crisfield Maryland. CCA Maryland recognized a problem with the old regulations for speckled trout. The recreational bag limit was excessive and the commercial limit had no limits, gear restrictions, season limits, and a minimum size that did not allow for the fishery to grow. We worked with Maryland DNR to put meaningful regulations in place. After several years, we emerged victorious. The recreational limit was cut from 10 to 4 fish. The commercial limit was cut from an unlimited fishery to a 125lb by catch allowance. We hope to see a more stable population of speckled trout within Maryland."

To read more about CCA Maryland, check out their website and give them a 'Like' on their Facebook page. And to check out more from previous Red Trout Tournaments that we've covered here on TLTFF, click here and here.


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