Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blog of Note...Sky Angler

A new blog is on rise out of the mid-atlantic. Sky Angler is a combination hunting and fishing blog, with the fishing aspect focusing on the sub-sport of fly fishing. Sean Coleman is a new friend through work and during a recent ride with, we connected on all levels of the fishing and hunting aspects of the Maryland lifestyle. Sean started the blog with the fundamental purpose of sharing his love for the outdoors and reporting on his experiences in mother nature through the mediums of hunting and fishing. Here's a little about him via his 'About Me'...

"My name is Sean and I am a native of Maryland.  I grew up fishing all over Maryland and Virginia.  As I got older I got bit by the hunting bug as well and have several leases throughout MD and family property in VA where I enjoy chasing turkeys, whitetail and waterfowl.  I have a ton of hobbies that keep me busy along with my personal life, however I really enjoy getting after river bass with my kayak and fly rod.  I just started tying my own streamer patterns and poppers (stay tuned for further updates on that)."

Sean fishes and hunts primarily out of his Jackson kayak, pretty legit. Roll on over to Sky Angler now and check what he has to offer. The blog may be young, but the potential is high, especially with the turn of the season, and availability of species Sean will be hooking into shortly.


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