Monday, February 9, 2015

Daily Deal...SmithFly on The Clymb

SmithFly has been on The Climb the past month or so and its going fast. The sale price is $40 off some gear ridiculous.

Check it...

Normally $60, now only $14.98

El Poquito holds a pair of hemos and a retractor (either curly or mechanical – your choice) – that’s it. Now you don’t have to worry about what pack or what vest or what shirt you are wearing, because El Poquito goes anywhere.

The magnetic clasp on the back holds tight to anything, over the top of waders, over your waist band, belt, shirt pocket, beach bag, and is also compatible with the SmithFly Switch Kit system. El Poquito frees you up from wearing a vest and keeps those essential tools close at hand without all the bulk. Anglers can choose from either a curly cord retractor or a mechanical retractor which can be easily swapped out at a later date if for some reason they change their mind, which we all do.

Normally $60, now only $15.98

The Nitty-Gritty:
Keep everything you need secured comfortably at your hip so you won't have to miss out on the catch of a lifetime with the SmithFly 3X Pouch. 

Groceries, meat, gym socks, heavies, call them what you want but now you don’t have to leave the big stuff at home ever again. The 3X is our biggest pouch yet and will hold more than you can imagine and remain comfortable all day.

It’s designed to fit across the outside of the Switch Bag and also be a comfortable foundational part of our Switch Belt. It is zippered all the way around on three sides to allow for complete access to all you gear with a flip down front. The inside has four divider pockets to keep you stuff organized. The front panel is covered with three rows of MOLLE webbing that let you hook up our other pouches and components like a 1X or El Poquito. The back has four MOLLE straps to hook it up to whatever platform your hauling that day. It will work by itself on any wading belt out there and it will also hook up to just about any backpacks or sling packs with any size webbing anywhere on them. Now that’s flexibility!

• Four divider pockets
• Canvas construction W/ MOLLE webbing outer
• Zippered entry
• Easy attachment to belts, bags, etc. 
• Compatible with Switch Bag or Belt
• Made in the USA


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