Monday, January 19, 2015

Fly Product...The SHOT-Gun

Via The SHOT-Gun Website:

We have a Green Non-Toxic alternative to lead split shots and sinkers that are used for fishing. According to the U.S. Government's  Priority List of Hazardous Substances, lead is the second most hazardous substance (Arsenic being #1).

Young Children and unborn children are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning.
Over 40 million Americans over the age of 6 go fishing each year. We are exposing our children and ourselves to lead every time we go fishing.

We call the product the SHOT-GUN ™

It is a device that stores and injects high density tungsten shot, that can be then attached to fishing line and other fishing accessories, like hooks and rubber lures. Why the shot gun? We live in upstate New York where lead sinkers have been outlawed. And many other states and countries have done the same or are considering doing the same. With just cause, lead has been poisoning our water fowl, lakes, streams and fisherman. Tungsten is an environmentally friendly alternative which is completely reusable and recyclable. The density of lead is around 11 g/cc and high density tungsten alloy is around 18.5 g/cc , so tungsten is approximately 68% heavier than lead, so you can use less and achieve the same results. And it is Highly Corrosion Resistant

Other reasons to use this system is that it snags a lot less than standard lead split shots or sinkers and they are easy to adjusted on your line and they will not damage your line or leader like split shots do.

You can read more about the SHOT-Gun by clicking here to head on over to their website. Pretty cool idea if you ask me.


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