Monday, December 22, 2014

Fly Product...Peak Rotary Vise

Theres nothing new about it other than a few recent accessories that have been added within the last three years. But like the saying goes, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it." Peak, in my mind, has perfected the rotary vise. Many will agree, many will argue. When I upgraded two years ago from my Bass Pro vise, it was the best move I made, from an upgrade of gear standpoint, in my entire career of fly fishing.

I realized the other day while cranking out a few bugs, that I haven't really talked about my Peak or shown appreciation to the company for making such a quality product. From the "every so often" tier that puts out two dozen flies a year, to me, who puts out anywhere from 300-600 flies a year, to Pat Cohen (RU Superfly), who puts out (by my estimate) 3,000-6,000 flies a year...this vise can stand the test. Pat has been on the Peak team for quite some time now, and if I'm not mistaken, he's had the same vise the entire time...thats insane.

With loads of accessories and upgrades available, this vise is ideal for any tier, salt or fresh. I have most attachments that I've collected over the years for birthdays or Christmas presents and have used them all, a lot. I've had a lot of friends switch to the Peak over the last few years based on suggestion and a recognition of my live for my Peak. Its an awesome vise.

So check it, the Peak Rotary vise, my favorite piece of fly fishing equipment...

Via Peak Fishing:

This is the vise that started it all, the PEAK Rotary 
Vise.  Designed for optimal tying efficiency and ease 
of adjustment and set-up.  Materials (including 
Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft 
Aluminum) are chosen to last a lifetime of tying.  
Hardened and tempered tool steel jaws hold hooks, 
from size 2/0 (depending on exact hook wire 
diameter) down to the smallest you can buy, securely.  
All adjustments are accomplished with minimal 
effort.  The large stable pedestal base (PRV-G2 
model) will hold this vise where you set it, and the 
non-marking feet protect the surface you set it on.  
The steel base is powder coated in white, for a surface 
that will stand up and provide a backdrop you can see 
your materials against.  The base also includes an 
integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges for 
ease of removal, and our accessory post mounting 
hole (accessory post not included).  The base is 
designed to pack flat for travel with the vise removed. 
  The rotation resistance adjustment screw provides 
infinite adjustment and is easily manipulated for right 
or left handed tyers.  A height and length adjustable 
bobbin cradle and pivot mount are supplied with the 
vise.  Loosening a single set screw allows the vise to 
be removed for travel, the brass tip on the set screw 
prevents marring the vise shaft.

You can read more about the Peak Rotary Vise and all of Peak's other products via their website by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER - I was in no way paid or given anything for this post. I don't even think Peak will see it. I simply wanted to show my appreciation for this awesome piece of equipment that has helped me grow as a fly fisherman and fly tier.


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