Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fly Product...Hatch Outdoors' New Fly Lines

If you get confused when trying to choose a fly line, you’re not alone. Even the most seasoned fly angler can be perplexed by the variety of tapers, coatings, specific usages and the ridiculous abuse of acronyms. Like our Premium Braided Backing, we’ve simplified the world of fly lines.
Our Floating Tropical Fly Line is manufactured by BVG-Airflo to our specific design. We’ve created a simple, all purpose taper that any fly angler will enjoy casting. Our lines cast their specific weight class with ease, eliminating the need for species specific lines. Simply purchase the appropriate line weight for your fly outfit and use in any tropical location. Keep it Simple. Purchase at your local fly shop-$80

  • Available in 7-12wt
  • 7-9wt - 100'
  • 10-12wt - 110'
  • Sand/Turtle Grass

  • Available in 10-12wt
  • 10-12wt - 110'
  • Aqua/Ghost Gray

  • Available in 400, 500, and 650G
  • 150'
  • Cyan/Gray, Orange/Gray, and Yellow/Gray


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