Friday, November 14, 2014

Fish Art...Ryan Kupfer - My Role Model

"Shore Birds" - 2008

Some of you know me personally, a majority of you don't. Those of you that do know me, know about my brother, Ryan. For those of you that don't know me...In 2001, my family was in a major car accident that forever changed our lives. Around 8:40am on May 20th, I was sitting in the front passenger seat and he, directly behind me...I was 12 and he 9. While turning onto our church's road, we were struck on the right side of our Volvo station wagon by a Chevy Suburban. The Suburban stuck our car and sent us into a 540 degree spin before the car settled to a stop. My mom and I had minor injuries, especially in comparison to my brother. He had taken a majority of the blow and laid unconscious and not breathing in his seatbelt as my mom and I got out if the car with the help of bystanders. Paramedics were en route and all I could do was sit and watch, concussed and confused. A man ran up to the car and unbelted my brother and began to open his airway. My mom yelled out and he responded with, "it's ok, I do this for a living." He was a trauma surgeon from University of Maryland - Shock Trauma on his way to work. He opened my brothers airway just as the paramedics arrived on scene. They immediately begin to treat my brother and due to poor weather conditions, they were able to land a helicopter to fly him to Shock Trauma or Hopkins. My dad, who was already at church and was picked up by a witness of the accident, arrived just as mom and I were loaded into a separate ambulance. My brother was taken to the local medical facility, where he was stabilized prior to being transported emergently up to Johns Hopkins for immediate surgery. As my mother and I were treated and released from the same facility as my brother was initially, we went up to Hopkins, to not only see my brother, but begin to establish relationships with the medical professionals that would save my brothers life, and we would come to know for the many months ahead. See the rest of the story on the next photo, it will better explain this one...

"Brownie" - 2011

Continued from the previous photo...Today, well over a dozen surgeries later, from plastic to reconstructive for his head, face, shoulder and more, my brother is alive. He's had a few setbacks, as one could imagine, but he's the strongest kid I know. He's 22 now, has a full time job, and is taking some classes at the local community college. Through all of the adversity he's been through, he's found a way to express his gratitude for a second chance at life while also inspiring others. Ryan's love is art, specifically watercolor. The last photo I posted was his first big hit, titled "Shore Birds". This one above is simply "Brownie", one he did for me, that will soon be in my son's nursery, along with his other artwork. I love that kid, and he is by-far my biggest role model. His life inspires me to appreciate everything I have and to be a better person. I thank God daily for what I have, him included.

"Dolphin" - 2012

I have written previously about my brother, to see that post, click here. Ryan's art is for sale in numerous formats. He has greeting cards available in 5 packs for $12 (see how they are wrapped in Hydrangea picture below) as well as 11" x 15" GiclĂ©e (textured prints that look identical to originals) for $50 of prints of all the prints below and above.

"Red" - 2012

"Oriole" - 2013

"Crucified" - 2013

"Rose Again" - 2010

"LMB" - 2014


"Mom's Hydrangea" - 2011

"Paradise" - 2012

Contact me at if you're interested in any of Ryan's prints. Thanks for listening and continuint to support TLTFF, me, and my awesome family!


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  1. Very nice piece Morgan! I remember that day well. Ryan's art is quite impressive! Thanks for sharing! Marcel