Thursday, November 20, 2014

AMFF - Saltwater Fly Fishing Online Exhibit

As an ambassador of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, I'm pretty stoked to be on board and have the ability to not only support and promote this great campaign. I've brought this campaign up recently leading up to its launch Nov. 5th with a lot of you but didn't do due diligence and post it up on the blog. So here it is, check it out and support an amazing organization working hard to preserve the sport we love for future generations...both salt and fresh.

A little info about the AMFF...

American Museum of Fly Fishing - Who we are and What we do

The American Museum of Fly Fishing is the steward of the history, traditions, and practices of the sport of fly fishing and promotes the conservation of its waters. The Museum collects, preserves, exhibits, studies, and interprets the artifacts, art, and literature of the sport and uses these resources to engage, educate, and benefit all.
The Museum was founded in 1968 by several passionate anglers who believed that the artifacts and stories relating to the history of fly fishing were being lost as the last quarter of the 20th century approached. Over the past 46 years the Museum has accumulated one of the largest and one of the most historically significant angling collections in the world. 
In an effort to fulfill our mission, the Museum publishes a quarterly journal, The American Fly Fisher; develops hands-on educational programs to enhance the appreciation for classic equipment; hosts award events to honor individuals and organizations; curates and installs exhibitions onsite, online, and off-site. We are excited to make a splash in the online exhibition world with our celebrated saltwater initiative.

Read and see the rest of the campaign by clicking are the perks for showing your support!

Setting the Bar

The overall cost to research, compile, and present the history of American saltwater fly fishing is much greater than our $10,000 goal. This goal, however, accurately reflects a portion of the cost to design and program the online exhibition. And though our project consists of many other awesome elements, we know the importance of online exposure and trust that our fellow indiegogo-ers feel the same.

  • $5 ... We'll keep you in the know as the project prepares to launch. You'll also receive an AMFF sticker.
  • $25 ...In addition to joining our community, you'll also receive an AMFF sticker and 2 admission passes to the Museum in Manchester, Vermont.
  • $100 ... You can wear an AMFF trucker hat proudly. You'll also get an extra large AMFF sticker and 2 admission passes to the Museum in Manchester, Vermont.
  • $250 ... Our donor recognition page will proudly list your name and you can enjoy a set of 4 pint glasses (proudly etched with our logo!). We'll also include an extra large AMFF sticker and 2 admission passes.
  • $500 ... Have something you want written in stone? With a $500 donation you will be given the opportunity to permanently inscribe a brick to be installed in the walkway of the American Museum of Fly Fishing. You'll also receive a limited edition, signed book (Good Flies by John Gierach) and an extra large AMFF sticker along with 2 admission passes to the Museum.
  • $1,000 ... A membership at the Museum comes with many perks. Imagine being a member for life! This is your ONLY opportunity to become an exclusive life member of this institution. We'll also send you a set of 4 pilsner glasses etched with a school of fish pattern and an extra large sticker.
  • $5,000 ... Adorn your den or favorite sitting room with a carved trout stream coffee table. You will also become a life member of the Museum!

Please share and spread the word about this awesome campaign. I promise your donation will go towards preserving something important to all of us!


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