Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kickstarter...Measure it Fish Scale


Measure it Fish Scale allows you to weigh, take a pic and upload immediately right off your smartphone!
Measure it is a cool new and patented “adaptive technology” platform that allows consumers to measure and share right off the touchscreen of your favorite smartphone device!!! The idea for this technology was born 2 years ago when I was working on a particular problem for a diabetes care product in that I was trying to connect the ability to measure a particular volume of insulin and display, save or communicate the dosage on a computer device such as your smartphone! Upon stumbling on this cool technology Measure it Fish Scale was born!!! Measure it Fish Scale is a fun and powerful device that extends your social network while you enjoy one of your favorite pastimes! Fishing! At this point in the project we are looking to spread the word about Measure it Fish Scale and launching this cool new technology in America! Your donation will help to spread the word and make this technology a commercial success! We hope to use the funds generated for marketing campaigns and as well continue Research and Development for other Measure it applications!



  1. Is this just for I phones or do you have it for androids too?

    1. It sounds like just iPhones but Android is sure to follow if they are smart developers.