Friday, September 26, 2014

Daily Deal...Streamside Design Tie Tray Organizer White

Via Deals on the Fly:

Normally $29.95, now only $2.00

The Streamside Tie Tray is a fly tying organizer designed for tying flies at a fixed station, or for travel tying. It will hold most tying tools and materials for those fly tiers requiring a complete tying organizer.

  • 12 thread holders to store spooled tying materials
  • Removable and adjustable 3"x6" profile plate (can be painted any desired color)
  • Stainless steel material clip conveniently located to hold all types of loose tying materials
  • 2 small trays to stage hooks, beads, eyes and other small loose tying material
  • One large tray and one medium tray to stage larger hooks and other loose tying materials
  • Bristle Tack strip to stage up to one dozen flies sizes #1-18
  • 2 neck hackle storage slots keep necks organized and within reach (can also hold hair patches or bagged tying materials)
  • 4 holes for quilled turkey, goose or pheasant feathers
  • 2 head cement storage areas to accommodate both square or round bottles
  • 22 holes of 4 sizes to store individual fly tying tools
  • One dubbing holder (To store dubbing, press and rub it into holder teeth. When dubbing is needed just pull dubbing out of holder)
  • *Fly Tying Materials Not Included


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