Monday, September 8, 2014

Daily Deal...20% OFF Risen Fly's Newest Additions

Risen Fly SUPER SLIM Fly Boxes - $8ea

Risen Fly Brass Fly Tying Beads - $3/25 pack

Risen Fly Convertible Chest Pack - $120

Take 20% OFF with code "new20"

Some new products just arrived and you are going to LOVE them.  First on the list is a great chest pack with a rucksack.  This is no ordinary chest pack.  Not only does it have more pockets than you can imagine, have flip down pockets in the front to dry your flies or store them, but the front and the back can be worn independently.  That's right you can wear just the rucksack, or the chest pack, or both.  This will allow you to customize your pack according to what you have in store on the water for the day.

Next we have 2 styles of Super SLIM boxes.  These are half the size of our SLIM boxes and will save tons of space in your pack or be great to fit in a pocket or carry on the water.  We have 1 box with 12 small compartments and 1 with foam slits.

Last but certainly not least is we have added brass beads to our fly tying line up.  These beads are in 3 colors; gold, silver and copper and come in 5 sizes each.  The quality will compare to many other beads out there but the price will not.

Hop on our site, check out our new products and get them out on the water with you.  You won't be disappointed.

Sale is good from September 3rd through 9th!

Don't forget you can use the code "TLTFF" for any other products for 10% off anything in the store!


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