Sunday, August 17, 2014

TLTFF's 3rd Annual Carp Week

Some of you may have been following us for awhile and saw the promotions we've been doing for this year's Carp Week. The last two years have been a huge hit, thanks to you, so this year we thought we'd not only bring Carp Week back, but make it even bigger. This week has a lot of greatness packed into it, thanks to our awesome contributors and friends. Just to give you a breakdown of how the week will pan out, we wanted to give you a play-by-play as to what we have in store.

Everyday at 7am, like we've always done, 3-4 posts will go live. One is guaranteed to be a sick carp-related fishing video (Daily Reel). The rest will be either interviews with industry experts, reviews of carp-related gear, knowledge from the geniuses of the carp world, and info on how you can win free gear! Every day we will be giving away all kinds of fly gear! You have multiple ways of winning, please read carefully below...

The best part about Carp Week is not only that you can exponentially expand your knowledge of fly fishing for carp, but you can win awesome prizes. Just to give you an overview as well as a shoutout to our amazing Carp Week sponsors, here's who's on board this year for gear...

And here are our featured fly tiers for our "Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway" where we will be giving a lucky one of you a dozen flies every day all week long. To enter into the daily fly giveaway, be sure you email with the subject line "Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway Day ___" (the ___ corresponds with the day of Carp Week, tomorrow is Day 1).

The world-famous Carp Week Photo Contest is BACK!


-Submit all photos to with the subject line "Carp Week Photo Contest". 

-Max of 4 pictures per person (one per category).

-Picture must be in PNG or JPEG format.

-The categories will be as follows:

  • Best Picture
  • Biggest Carp
  • Prettiest Carp
  • Ugliest Carp

-One winner and one runner up will be selected for each category and will win some sick gear from the companies listed above.

-Submissions are due by August 24th, 2014 by 8am.

-Winners will be announced on (Sunday) August 24th through a blog post in the afternoon.

-Any questions can be directed to

-Contest begins now...GO!

I hope y'all are as syked as we are for a super-fun week. Make sure you spread the word by using the hashtag #CarpWeek and 'like' and follow @TLTFF on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for exclusive content

For your chance to randomly win some gear, use the hashtag #CarpWeek on all posts, we will be selecting a random winner at some point that has used the hashtag during Carp Week.

During Carp Week, please send all contest entries, questions, or any correspondence to