Friday, August 15, 2014

Fly Product...TLTFF Review of the RexFly Casting System

I was first introduced to the RexFly Casting System when inventor and fly fisherman, Rex Huang launched his Kickstarter campaign in January of 2013. Some of you may have seen the post here on TLTFF announcing the campaign. By the end of February, RexFly was fully funded and ready for launch, going about $380 over their $9,000 goal.

I had the privilege of meeting Rex himself at this year's Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show. Stand up guy with an energy for the sport and love for our vets. As you can tell by the video and basic idea behind the RexFly casting system, it was developed to make a fisherman's life easier and even allow those who may need a little extra help, like our disabled vets, to enjoy the sport as much as anyone else.

I was able to take the RexFly Casting System on a few trips with me this year, including the PHWFF Two-Fly Tournament back in April. There was one vet at the tournament who used the RexFly during the first day, they had purchased it through the Kickstarter Campaign. RexFly has been a huge supporter of PHWFF since the beginning. The PHWFF logo is on the front page of their site, even larger than their own logo.

One thing that got me really stoked for this product was not only the fact that it really is a life hack, making things much easier, but its made in the USA! With that in mind, I pulled mine out to show other vets and told them about the coolest aspect of RexFly...if they are a vet, they can actually receive one for free directly from RexFly. Like I said, Rex is an enormous supporter of our vets, simply amazing. I have an extreme amount of respect for our vets, and a big place in my heart for companies and organizations that strive to make their lives easier and allow them to enjoy the sport not only as a hobby, but in a therapeutic manner. RexFly does just that.

The RexFly Casting System is simple, and easy to use. Some of you may know that my wife doesn't fish, she'll pick up a rod once in a blue moon and throw a perfectly tight loop, and hook into a fish much bigger than I ever have...but in general, she doesn't fish. I put the RexFly CS on her after using it a few times myself, adjusted it to her small frame, and gave her a brief overview of how it works. Within minutes she had it down, the ease of use is amazing. Here's a little video Rex put together highlighting how he would pitch it at any of the shows.

When I go on a trip, I generally carry way more gear than I need, which always makes my life difficult when looking for one specific thing in one of my packs. I have to walk over to the bank, put my rod down, search through my packs, find what I'm looking for or the fly I need, adjust, and head back out to the spot, potentially blowing up the fish. Sometimes I tuck the rod under my arm and try to go through things as well, but that usually limits the range of motion I have with whichever arm is clamped on the rod. RexFly fixed all those problems. With its lightweight design and comfortable fit, its non-exhaustive and even stays out of the way of my other gear. (especially when you wear it under a fishing shirt or jacket so it only pops out between the buttons or zipper). There are different pouches and packs available through RexFly to add on to the Casting System that will give you storage options and me, the ability to carry less gear by making a pack one with the RexFly. 

The RexFly Casting System comes in at a very reasonable $74.00. There are a number of other products offered by RexFly including the aforementioned packs. The RexFly Grand Tetons Chest Pack Pouches can be added to RexFly for $45.00 for those who like fishing with a vest-like feel. Or you could purchase the Casting System and Grand Tetons Chest Pack Combo for $110.00 and save $9

For those interested in more of a true Chest Pack feel, RexFly offers the Flask Pack Chest Pack Combo for $110.00

One of the accessories I'm really interested in purchasing in the future is the Economy Chest Harness/Rod Holder that would be perfect for strapping to a boat or kayak as an extra rod holder in conjunction with the RexFly, its perfectly priced at $18.00

I used the RexFly here on the Bay a few times and once at the beach as well. One suggestion I do have for anyone that plans on using RexFly in the salt, be sure you rise it afterwards. I didn't have any problems with rust or difficulty of use afterwards, but as most of you know, take care of your gear and it will take care of you for a long time.

With all the factors in mind...the price just right (especially for an American-made product), the ease of use so simple a non-fisherperson could do it, it being made in the USA, and the support RexFly shows to our vets...this rating was a no-brainer. The RexFly Casting System received 5 out of 5 stars

To check out RexFly for yourself, head on over to the RexFly site. Be sure to give them a like or follow on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as well. And for more videos, check them out on YouTube. A huge thank you goes out to Rex for making such an amazing product and even more importantly, for showing the necessary support for our troops!


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