Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bozeman Fly Goods New 'Bug Collars'

What are bug collars?

Bug Collars are doughnut shaped brass beads that allow the tyer to quickly and easily add a "hot spot" to their fly. No extra dubbing where you really didn't need it. No more wrapping thread fifty times behind the bead. Just slide a Bug Collar on the hook. Done.

Available in 5 sizes and 30 colors: plated, painted, fluorescent, and metallic. Bug Collars are doughnut shaped beads that have a small cone on one side and a countersunk hole on the other. The cone side is designed to fit snugly behind most similarly sized or larger bead or cone. The design of the Bug Collar also permits their use in tying without the need for a bead and permits the use of stacked or nested sets of the same size or sequential sizes.

Bug Collars are patent pending.

Stay tuned for a review coming very soon but in the meantime, give Bozeman Fly Goods a like on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to check out their site as well.


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