Thursday, June 19, 2014

And We're Off...The TLTFF Crew Beaver Island Bound

After a year of planning, a little bit of stress, and a lot of bit of excitement...the day is here. (We)'re shoved/shoving off this am and making the first leg of our 800+ mile trip up to Charlevoix, MI to hop on a puddle jumper over to Beaver Island, MI.

We will be spending the night with some of Luis' family tonight in Cleveland, OH and waking up early tomorrow morning to make leg two and head to Charlevoix. The bags are packed and gear checked, its go time. Here's a brief itinerary...

Day 1- Today (19th), will be all travel from Annapolis, MD to Cleveland, OH with me, Luis, and Austin Green.

Day 2- Friday (20th), travel up to Charlevoix, MI from Cleveland, OH and meet up with Mario Garza somewhere around Detroit, MI. All four of us will hop on a small plane (either Island Air or Fresh Air) in Charlevoix to Beaver Island. We will setup camp and fish on our own.

Day 3- Saturday (21st), first official day of the trip. We will fish on our own in the morning and then run errands as we prepare for the final two anglers to arrive. We will check in to The Fisherman's House where we will be staying the next few nights. We will have a meet and greet and cookout that night.

Day 4- Sunday (22nd), first day of guided fishing provided by the gentleman of Indigo Guide Service. Fishing all day long.

Day 5- Monday (23rd), second day of guided fishing. Fishing all day long.

Day 6- Tuesday (24th), third and final day of guided fishing. Half day of fishing and then pack up/check out. We will leave Beaver Island via flight again to Charlevoix. Once we orient ourselves and prepare for the trek home, we will decide if we will make the straight shot or stop half way again.

Follow our trip here on the blog through our live Instagram feed (below), which will be posted in daily posts, as well as on our Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

We will be using the hashtag #TLTFFBeaverIsland14 so that you may follow our week vicariously through the TLTFF Crew, Austin Green (@austingreenphotography), and Mario Garza (@mgarza912).

Giddy up...


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