Monday, May 5, 2014

TLTFF + Beaver Island = June 2014


Yea...its happening. Luis had the privilege of going up to BI last year and had a blast, absolutely tore it up, and rubbed it in my face by sending daily photos. Well after a huge success last year, we decided to host a trip, the decision was made the moment Luis got back to Maryland.

2014 is going to be a huge year for the TLTFF Crew, we have some things in the hopper that are going to not only blow your mind but give y'all the opportunity to join us in blowing minds. Its going to be a bucket list year and year of memories. Now enough of the chit chatting, lets get on to the good stuff.

Beaver Island

The dates are set and you are cordially invited. June 21-24th are the dates and here's a rough itinerary:

June 21st- Arrive, Unpack, Chill
June 22nd- Full Day of Fishing
June 23rd- Full Day of Fishing
June 24th- 1/2 Day of Fishing/Depart

There is 1 slot open, 6 total, Luis and I fill the first two and the others filled pretty quick. The fishing will be guided by the legendary and all-knowledgable gents at Indigo Guide Service

If your asking yourself questions like..."Where is Beaver Island?", "Why go on this trip?", "Is it worth it?", and "Are there really Beavers there?" should go and check out our Beaver Island post from this years trip.

Cam Mortenson, the genius behind The Fiberglass Manifesto inspired many a men to venture to Beaver Island, all of which had the time of their lives (based on Cam's post-trip reports). Check out more on his trips and previous visits on TFM.

The full details can be found here, at!

We are taking deposits and reservations now. If interested, please email us at, we will be able answer all of your questions..

We are super stoked to not only be hosting our first trip but to have the opportunity to fish with some of you! This isn't going to be just any old fishing trip, you'll never forget this. From good times side by side with the guides in the boat and at the dinner table to rods doubled over and potentially broken on "once in a lifetime" fish to daily giveaways and gear review opportunities...its bound for greatness.

Don't be shy, if your on the fence, hit us up anyway, we would love to answer some questions and see what you think, if anything, feedback would be great. Its in the books, now we just need one more fishing buddy!


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