Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fly Product...Allen Fly Fishing Carp Hooks

Just released yesterday, Allen Fly Fishing Carp hooks...super super stoked for this. My order will be going in ASAP to get some hooks for Beaver Island ties.

Whether you have small dries, large streamers, a variety of nymphs, or egg patterns on your vise and in your fly box, our freshly updated, premium quality lineup fly tying hooks are among the best to get the job done. We start with our top tier, state of the art tooling to fine grind the perfect, consistent point with no irregularities.   The hooks are precision engineered to be true and consistent to their design, with extremely tight tolerances on the bend, eye, and gape.  We use a proprietary chemical treatment that sharpens and perfects the hook's point while smoothing any micro irregularities in the wire. Our strong wire and long lasting sharpness are the product of our new hardening and tempering process to keep your most stubborn fish from straightening and bending your hook on those hard fought battles.

We try to offer the widest selection of hooks we possibly can, and are continuing to grow our lineup to answer our customers' needs.  If you're not sure if a hook is right for you, never hesitate to contact us to make sure you get the right product.  Not seeing a hook style in our lineup that you're looking for?  Let us know so we know what to work on designing next!
We are compiling a collection of fly tying tutorials for each of our hook models.  Each hook page will contain videos showing patterns that can be tied on that hook.  We are working on expanding this collection of videos as they are submitted to us.
Use our hook model equivalency chart  to help aid in finding the right hook.



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