Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daily Deal...Risen Fly + Small Business Week = 20% Off EVERYTHING

Celebrate Small Business Week

Take 20% off of the WHOLE Risen Fly store...

-From May 13th to March 18th! code "small biz"

This week is small business week.  Help grow your favorite new fly fishing company (that's US) and save 20% on our store all week.  We are only successful because of you and this is a special thank you!  Keep an eye out because we plan to have our ITB rods in stock by Wednesday or Thursday this week!take a look at over 25 introductory patterns and keep coming back as we introduce more in the future. 

Also check out our new site!  We have been expanding our product line and our website needed a nice refresh.  The new site is better organized and easier for us to add even more as time goes on so keep an eye out as we keep expanding our product line.


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