Saturday, May 31, 2014

CCA MD Catch and Release Fly and Light Tackle Tournament

The CCA Catch and Release Fly and Light Tackle Tournament will be held on June 7, 2014.  Face off against some of the best fly and light tackle anglers in the Chesapeake Bay.  The entry fee is $50 per angler.  That includes all the beer and food you want at the party as well as the comraderie that has developed amongst this group over the last ten years.  We'd like to thank our key sponsors listed above.  Without their generous donations, this event would not be possible.  So come and join us.  Maybe you will have the bragging rights for 2014!  Tight lines to all.
Lines in at legal fishing time approx 5:30.  You must be in line for photo check in by 3:30
Three prize divisions:  Fly, Light Tackle, and Kayak.

Check out our write up from last years tourney by clicking here...

AND a little something something has been added to the prize package by The Technical Fisherman aka TechFish...for those of you looking to get more out of your participation...

As most of you know, the CCA Kent Narrows tournament is coming up a week from Saturday and I thought it would be fun to up the ante on possible winnings for the folks here at TechFish. So, we've teamed up with CCA and Shore Tackle & Custom Rods to offer a killer prize package in the Kent Narrows C&R Tournament. The package consists of a custom jigging rod from Shore Tackle & Custom Rods PLUS a $100 gift certificate for Shore Tackle to use towards a reel, tackle or whatever else you might want. The prize will go to the largest striped bass caught by a TechFish Release of the Year participant. 

Requirements are as follows:

1) You must be a registered member of TechFish;
2) You must be entered in the Release of the Year derby; WHICH YOU CAN DO HERE
3) You must be a CCA member- which, if you are fishing in the tournament, you automatically will be!

So, if you are planning on fishing the Kent Narrows Tournament and you've been waiting to enter the Release of the Year Derby, NOW'S THE TIME TO DO SO! This is a killer package worth over $400 and is going to make some lucky (or skilled) angler very happy.

Register today and GOOD LUCK!

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