Thursday, May 15, 2014

ASFMC and Striped Bass Management Update

So heres the latest via CCA MD, ASMFC, and one of our local new outlets, CBS Baltimore WJZ 13:


"Striped Bass Board debated the Addendum document today, but did not approve it for public hearing this summer. The Reference points (Issues 1-3) were left as is in the document. So, the new (f) was approved for the coastal stock. Consider this a victory... but it might be short lived.

There was a motion offered by Maryland that would allow a 3-year phase in to achieve the necessary reductions (31%) to be under the target F. Remember, we only have a 50% chance of rebuilding with a 31% cut. The motion by MD would phase in the 31 % over three years. 10% the first year, 10% next year.... however they want to slice it.

The Amendment will have 2 distinct paths:

1. Harvest reduction in 2015;

2. Harvest reductions in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We will see this document in late July in time for the August meeting.

The new proposal will have the potentially devastating consequence of fishing down the current year class for another three years rather than protecting it now and letting it be the foundation to rebuild the stock. I suspect that this is exactly not what most anglers were hoping to hear. Pretty clear that we have to start mobilizing to support path 1. More to follow Questions are welcomed."


Click here to join in via the live webinar and to read up on what you need to know. The final day is today so be sure you check in and see whats on the agenda and what has been discussed so far.

Click here for the video.

Be sure to follow the action via CCA MD's Facebook Page by clicking here and hitting the 'LIKE' button.


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