Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rose River Farm's PHWFF 2-Fly Tournament Bamboo Rod Auction

Ok this is a PHW 2-Fly Auction item you don't want to miss! Message RRF on Facebook to put in an absentee bid. Opening bid $2,500! Auction is Saturday night at the 2-Fly Tournament with all proceeds going to PHWFF! The reel seat is even from a piece of walnut from the Farm!!!!

This year, Nonnemacher Rods is happy again to provide a beautiful custom made bamboo fly rod based on a taper by one of the great rod builders, Lyle Dickerson, who began making rods in 1930 and produced rods through the1950's in his shop in Michigan. Not as well known as some of his contemporaries, he never the less produced some of the finest rod made at the time.

This years rod is a eight foot, three piece, five weight finished in red silk with black tipping and modern simple intermediate wraps. All ferrules are the classic step down type in keeping with the tradition of the classic rod makers. The reel seat has a beautiful walnut wood insert turned by Ben Nonnemacher in our shop from a walnut tree from the Rose River Farm, home waters of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.

Rounding out this package is a beautiful Saracione Mark IV trout reel donated by Saracione Reel company. These reels are hand made and come with a lifetime warranty. 

A five weight Royal Wulff fly line and backing, rod bag and rod tube complete the package.


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