Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY...Fly Fish Food's Spool Minder "Fly Hack"

Such a legit and affordable DIY "hack"...so simple. Those boys at Fly Fish Food always bring some amazing content...check it...

Here's another one of those "ah ha!" type tips on how to store and manage your spools of wire, tinsel, floss, v-rib or anything else that comes on a spool. And yes, it involves a trip to the Craft Store....

I'm pretty sure once you create and use a few of these little doo-dads, you won't go back to the free-wheeling spools like you might have done in the past.

The video explains it nicely below, but all you need are some 1/4"  or 6 to 7mm craft beads, some 1/4" elastic and some super glue. I usually make a "template" piece of elastic and cut a bunch of them at once using this piece to measure against. Then you just glue and let them dry. Easy as can be...

Check out more "Fly Hack's" by clicking here...be sure you give the Fly Fish Food crew some love on Instagram and Facebook too!


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