Friday, March 7, 2014

The Open Fly Podcast

For those of you who read all things fly fishing, you've heard about The Open Fly Podcast. We re-blogged something from Cam at TFM about it a few weeks ago and have had a blast since catching up to the most recent episode, numero 7. Evan, Derek, and Kirk run the podcast and make up the three amigos of the show. With conversations ranging from Olympic Peninsula Steelhead to competitive fly fishing, the conservation-minded podcast pulls anglers in from all areas of the sport.

Some of you may know Evan from Allen Fly Fishing, the primary sponsor of the show. But, in no way does the show bias towards one brand or another. Derek represents Orvis and brings, along with his unbelievable radio voice, an exponential amount of fly fishing knowledge to the table. Kirk, well, he's short and hates dislikes cows, but brings out some of the most valuable information from their guests thanks to his amazing ability to ask quality questions.

The show revolves around the idea of conservation awareness, one reason why I absolutely love The Open Fly. With our involvement with CCA and other local as well as national conservation organizations...and one of our foundational values as the upholding of a conservation-centric mindset here at TLTFF, this podcast falls right in line.

I spend about 600 miles a week in my car with my new job, and Luis travels all over the world, spending a lot of time in the car and air...I personally can say this podcast makes my work week go by much smoother and faster.

Some other highlights of the podcast are the giveaways, inside jokes (from a fly fisherman's perspective), swag, and home-brew inspired conversation. There are a few focal points or segments of each show that maintain a continuum of conversation and add a theme. Every show is opened up with a segment of Listener Questions and Feedback. This is run by Kirk and range in anything from positive encouragement to questions to even spam mail that just so happens to make its way into the podcast's inbox from Russia or Africa...etc. The next segment is typically whats called "Guide Stories" and is run by Derek. This is where the guys facilitate a conversation with some of the best in the biz from Bob Triggs to Hank Patterson. Other segments or topics include the normal conversation, almost like a morning radio show which I love, its perfect to have on while tying flies, cleaning, commuting, or just laying in bed...but that would be a little weird...listening to three guys talk while laying in bed, alone, with your fly open...nevermind. Anyway...the last segment is full of spontaneous topics that generally tie in other tele-interviews. Examples of people who have been on are the guys from the Utah Stream Access Coalition, Shane Anderson from the soon-to-be-released movie Wild Reverence and more.

Winning one of their giveaways is easy, its as simple as donating to The Open Fly Podcast or donating to one of the organizations they interview or connect with and sending them proof you donated. So roll on over and donate, ITS ALWAYS FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

Listening to The Open Fly is easy, subscribe to them on iTunes Podcasts and download them to your i-device or computer or listen to them on Stitcher Radio...both sites are under their "Listen" tab on The Open Fly site. You can also contact The Open Fly with your own feedback, questions, etc through the contact section of their website, emailing them at, "Tweeting" at them on their Twitter, writing them through Google+, Instagram, or writing on their Facebook (Bookface according to Evan) page.



  1. I just wanted to point out that I take issue with the assertion that I am short and hate cows. I do not, in fact, hate cows, so much as I have a profound respect for them that is often confused with fear. But hate is a strong word. Thanks for the otherwise great shout—we're glad to have you listening, and hopefully soon ON the show.

    1. HAHAHAHA Thanks Kirk, I edited it a little haha. Thanks for the comment and I can't wait to talk to y'all!

  2. No cows were harmed in the making of this episode.