Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Repost: CCA MD's 'My Limit is ONE'

I know a lot of you will want to comment blow this post saying something along the lines of "my limit is none", I feel the exact same way as you. BUT, CCA Maryland is having a big push right now to try and bring "the other guys" (spinning) limits down to ONE. Here is what our awesome Executive Director, Tony Friedrich sent out in the latest CCA email...

"CCA Maryland knows that you are deeply concerned over the current state of striped bass.  Anglers have all but abandoned the winter fishery at the Bay Bridge Tunnel because there are no fish.  There was no fall run of stripers in the Chesapeake Bay. Every year we see our resources dwindle while interstate managers worry if their state will have enough fish to kill.  The final straw came when the Bay States (Virginia, Maryland, and Potomac) decided to increase harvest by 14% in 2014.  Enough is enough.   It is time for us to take a stand.  We are proud to announce our conservation initiative for 2014.  It is My Limit is One.  There are three facets to the effort that is designed to address our greatest concerns with striped bass stocks.  We are asking recreational anglers to do the following in 2014.
  1. Limit your personal harvest to one fish per day
  2. Do not harvest fish under 24 inches
  3. Do not harvest fish over 36 inches

To fully understand My Limit is One, we suggest going to the website. In the nutshell, striped bass are in trouble.  The big female stripers are in serious decline and teetering on the minimum population threshold.  Striper spawns have been abysmal with the only exception being the 2011 year class.  Mycobacterious and poaching combined with  management numbers that lack data from the Virginia winter fishery are all factors that are NOT WELL DOCUMENTED in the assessments, yet we are told to trust the science.  We are conservationists who put the fish first. Sportsmen have always been the ones to step in when management fails the resource.  It is that time once again my friends.  Show them who we are.  Show them that we won't be ignored.  We are asking you, our members to join the fight with us.  Tell the managers that enough is enough. Tell them My Limit is ONE!"

Some of you may have noticed we changed our Cover Photo on our Facebook to the above banner. We are asking that you do the same to help promote our stand against raising limits. You don't have to be a Marylander or even someone who fishes the Chesapeake Bay to support us. This is a national problem as Striped Bass in the Chesapeake are the same Striped Bas population that migrates the entire East Coast. Help us in our fight and PLEASE promote the My Limit is ONE campaign! Thank you!


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