Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kickstarter...Copper Creek's SimpliFLY

The most up to date and innovative pack for the avid and novice fly fisherman alike.
Our product the SimpliFLY is a sleek, compact octagon-shaped box that holds EVERYTHING needed to enjoy a day (or multiple days) fishing on the river or lake.  Since it attaches to our adjustable shoulder harness, it can be optimally placed near the torso of the angler allowing easy access to all the tools & gear needed.  It’s the smallest and lightest product on the market, yet boasting the most functionality!
All fly fishermen and tenkara fishermen we know have the same complaint: "It’s not quick & easy to get ready for fishing."  The current option of a vest/pack for holding gear is bulky & disorganized; it limits choices to dress for the weather and inhibits their ability to move & cast freely.   In other words, it cramps their style!   Our product’s compartments are fully customizable & though initially designed for fly-fishing, will be a handy & essential tool for all fishermen including tenkara.  Get the SimpliFLY and simplify your fishing trips!  We hope to build a brand as we have several other innovative ideas to ease the lives of fisherman everywhere.
We have currently chosen our factories to build and develop our product, we just need your help to pay for the molds and get our first order placed and shipped.  We welcome any ideas you may have to help us improve our service to you.  

To see the rest of the Copper Creek SimpliFLY Kickstarter page, click here and read on.


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