Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fly Product...Swift Fly Fishing's "Get an Epic"

I don't even know where to begin...this is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to the sport. Period.

Swift Fly Fishing has taken their Epic glass rod blanks to another level with their new custom build kit. Completely put together by you, assembled by you or them. There are three ways you can go about the process of an Epic custom build.

Via Swift Fly Fishing:

1. You build the rod after choosing your components and parts.

Building a great custom fly rod is no mean feat, selecting the correct matching components can be an intimidating exercise alone. Then there’s those wraps, the cork and glue..

Our Epic Ready to Wrap Rod Kit makes life easy - we’ve done much of the hard work for you. The kit contains all the components, glues, rod finish and instructions you’ll need to build your own unique custom Epic fly rod.

2. "We build" the rod after choosing your components and parts. Swift builds with what you select.

Studio built by us and shipped to you direct. Use our Custom Rod Configurator to choose your blank type, colour, grip and reel seat. Then sit back and relax while we get to work.

Each of our Studio built Epic fly rods is made to order just for you using the components you choose - there’s nothing “off the rack”. Each completed rod comes in our unique Epic tube, and carries a unique identifier.

3. They build your rod based on what specs you have in your head. We like this one...primarily because it includes one of our favorite builders...Zeb T aka "The Snowman" of Snowman Custom Rod Works.

So you want the full noise. Full custom grip, custom wraps, a specific colour scheme, hand made Agate stripping guide…

The possibilities are endless.

You need to talk to one of our quality endorsed Epic Custom Rod Builders. These guys know our products inside out, and we know that their work is absolutely first class.

Here at the Swift Fly Fishing Company we tend to swim against the current, favouring solid design, innovation and original thinking over consumer mass production. When we set out to build the worlds best fly rod we raised a few eyebrows. When we delivered it in six profiles across six colours using modern fully unidirectional S2 Glass Fibre we had a few doubters, but the proof is in the pudding - or the casting and fishing in this case.
Each of our Studio built Epic Fly Rods is made using just in time manufacturing, featuring components and options selected by you, our customer.
Currently we offer over 300 possible variations of fly rod - with more to come.
We are very proud of the fact that production and manufacturing is not outsourced to Asia, Epic blanks are all made right here in New Zealand, construction is all performed here too, a local seamstress makes our rod socks loveingly one at a time.
Our Epic Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Kit offers the home builder the exact same high quality components that we use here in our builds. 

After all, shouldn't everybody have access to the very best?

Incorporating the classic designer's concept of 'truth to the materials', Epic blanks are semi-transparent. Each blank is built to exacting standards using a proprietary S2 Glass composite. This material features a full unidirectional fibre layup which aligns fibres longitudinally along the blank.
Modern unidirectional S2 Glass produces an extremely smooth casting blank that loads at medium range and yet has the lifting power of rods in much heavier line classes. It not only looks great, but is incredibly strong, light and virtually bullet proof.
Our Epic tapers are smooth loading, forgiving and deliver a modern action that is very strong, medium fast, precise and crisp.

Our love affair with fly rods doesn’t begin and end with Glass. We are also taking what we’ve learnt on the water and applying this to Carbon Fibre rods. While we still have some development work to do, we'll be delivering more innovative products in the very near future.
Stay tuned.

To see the rest of the page and how the process works, click here and check it our for yourself!


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