Monday, February 17, 2014

Lee University Adds Accredited Fly Fishing Program for Spring 2014 Semester

Lee University has teamed up with the IFFF and the Casting Instructor Certification Program to develop an extensive fly fishing program. Through the program the students will have the opportunity to take the casting instructor test and become a CI with the IFFF.

The Charter IFFF club has announced  following goals for the program:

• Collegiate courses in beginning, advanced, and instructor 

• Collegiate competitive fly fishing (scholarships offered to the country’s 
 top young fly fishers); competing against other NCAA colleges 

• Research and publishing on environmental impacts of the sport, 
 equipment performance, and educational methods 

• Social responsibility, conservation, and community service 

• Development of new, web-based, and educational media for the sport 

• Global research and travel with collegiate students, experiencing the 
 sport from a multicultural perspective. 

We can only hope this will be a trend followed by more universities. Check out more details at the club website...


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