Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fly Product...Cheeky Fly Fishing's Pliers

We had the chance of catching up with the boys at Cheeky Fly Fishing to get the details on the pliers we announced right after Somerset, of which we had the privilege of breaking to the market...Here's what they told us...

"The vision behind them was to develop a set of pliers that was heavy duty and durable, but lightweight and less obtrusive from a size perspective so that they can go with you wherever you go—from small steams to offshore. We’ve been working on the development for about 8 months now, and I used a prototype version for all my striped bass, bluefish and pike fishing, and I took them along on a couple of my trips to the Delaware and Western Maine for trout where they now have replaced my nippers and hemostats."

Here are a couple of the features:

·         Lightweight Aluminum Design (~2 ounces: we’ll have the exact design when the new ones come in as we’re trimming a little more weight on them)

·         Stainless Steel Tips

·         Built in Cutters

·         Both the Tips and Cutters are Replaceable

·         Hard Cloth Covered Sheath (this is one of my favorite parts and ironically most difficult part to develop.  I have always thought a really good sheath that is hard but unobtrusive is important, and these hit the mark head on)

·         Heavy Duty Coiled Extendable Connector between Sheath and Pliers

·         MSRP: $89

Make sure you keep your eye on the Cheeky Fly Fishing Facebook page for details as these pliers hit the market.



  1. Just brought a mojo now looking at the ambush. Now pliers the wife will kill me :-)