Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog of Note: DocMoreau - Fish, Flies, and the pursuit of Happiness

So we've been following "Doc" on Instagram (@docmoreau) for over a year now. We have traded comments on there and Doc even participated in our first ever "Instagram Fly Swap". As an amazing tier, woodworker, and phenomenal only made sense for him to start a blog. Recently, we've had more in-depth conversations with Doc, especially in the area of blogging.

Nate "Doc" Moreau launched DocMoreau almost exactly a month ago and kicked it off with a bang. Doc laid out the foundation of his blog with his first post and has only built off of it since. When TLTFF started, I was merely journaling my experiences in the sport, trying too hard to impress the bloggerverse, and posting scrambled ideas that were in no way connected. Doc, did just the opposite, he started with a true focus and maintains the importance of things outside of the sport that make fly fishing truly what it is.

Here is what Nate has to say about his new blog...

About This Site
This site is dedicated to catching fish on a fly, and its oceans of varieties.  It pays tribute to the unsung heroes that progress this great pursuit forward.  There is a literary bent and no gear reviews, plenty of fish tales and no pictures of a grip & grin.  Big fish are admired and sought after here, but we understand that there is much more than inches and pounds.
Bourbon is the most consumed drink while writing at night.
DocMoreau has three categories of main focus:
  1. PressOn - Notes, stories, essays & literary pursuits
  2. FieldNotes - Trips, findings, flies tied & lessons learned
  3. Interviews - People of a certain ilk
About Doc
Some time ago a fly rod was placed in my hand, and the first tug should have shaken off.  The reliant trout held, and the addiction went from hook to line to wrist.  In no time it traveled to heart and brain, and life is different.
A further time ago I paid a handsome amount of money to learn the art of journalism.  Like most people of this culture do, I now do not relate to the degree which I pursued.  It was fun while it lasted, but deadline culture bested me.
This site is part selfish work out, so I can write again, with a smile and no deadlines.  It has been a long time since the writing for income pressure is vacant.  Bourbon and thanks.
Who This Site is For
This site is for anglers who want to think occasionally, feel the need to PressOn, and can close the eyes and tie a blood knot.  It’s for those that only toss dries to rising trout and those that wrestle with the bowfin.  This site will serve no one completely but hopefully everyone minutely.
~ doc


The Fishing Skinny on Doc
  1. Winston LT 489-5 is the favorite trout rod
  2. Steelhead are leader supreme
  3. I have taught tying for many years, and casting for many more
  4. The ideal day is with a buddy, one person spotting and the other casting
  5. Salt, fresh, warm or cold, it will get fished
  6. Precious life years were given over to guiding and tying knots
  7. I wants to meet and fish with as many people as possible
  8. I have no better fishing partner than Steve the dog

Our hats go off to Nate for putting together such a great blog. Its an easy read and has made its way onto my bookmarks bar for weekly checkups. Be sure you check out and give it a read!


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