Thursday, January 16, 2014

CCA MD Pickerel Tourney Standings: December

The first month of the 3rd Annual CCA MD Tidal Pickerel Championship is behind us and the monthly winners have been announced...

Fish are rolling in daily for the 3rd Annual CCA Maryland Tidal Pickerel Tournament. If you haven't already checked out the tab above, do so and check out the current sponsors and standings throughout the entire tourney (which runs until March 15th).

And the winners are...

Light Tackle:

1st Place- Paul Melin (567.12" total) - Wins total inches for the month

2nd Place- Richard Souder (385.75" total)

3rd Place- Tommy Robinson (197.75" total)


1st Place- Tommy Price (20.75" total)

Largest Fish:

Henry Sloss (*24.25")

*- Also a MD citation.

A lot of +20" fish are being checked in which is pretty awesome. Last year seemed to be full of 17-19" fish which means that class had a healthy offseason and have returned much bigger.

There's still time to sign up, go for it and get in on the action for month #2!


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