Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Over the course of the last few months, filming has been taking place all over the east coast for what promises to be one of the top fly fishing films in 2015. Filming continues and the story unfolds more and more daily. Just in time for the holidays and to get you thinking about next year a bit, heres the teaser to a film I have had to privilege of adding some (amateur, compared to the talent of Mike Percelli, Shane Scherholz, and John Jinishian have) footage to and staring in. Looking forward to shooting more with these amazing fly fisherman and artists in the upcoming year. For now, enjoy the teaser and keep your eyes out for the Kickstarter and the full trailer that will be going live on January 14th, 2014

Recaptureflyfishing@gmail.com // Kickstarter coming January 12th, 2014.
"He was five years old when his dad took him fly-fishing for the first time. Father and son, side-by-side; waist deep in waders with fly-rod in hand along the upper Delaware and Lake Ontario tributary rivers. Together they dreamed of the perfect places to cast: Virginia for huge musky fishing; Michigan for carp; Connecticut for the cinder worm hatch; Cape cod and Montauk for striped bass, bluefish and false albacore.
Eleven short years later his father was diagnosed with Leukemia. After going through a round of treatments and being told his cancer had gone into remission, the family was shocked by his sudden death. For two years Mike could not bare to cast without his best fishing buddy.
Now, eight years after his loss, Mike and a few of his closest friends are going to Virginia, Michigan, Connecticut, Cape Cod and Montauk to fulfill the dreams of a father and son. Along the journey Mike will recapture the years he had on the rivers with his father and create new memories with the friends he brings along for the trip"
Music Created by Bichi.


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