Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fly Product...The Allen Fly Fishing Kraken XLA Reel

The XLA did some work on Steelies

The new lineup (Kraken XLA, Alpha III, and Omega reels) got a workout in Cabo as well

"This reel has an extreme large arbor, thin spool width, a handle closer to the center for faster line pick up, and a new proprietary drag system with 6 stacked carbon disks."

I have rough measurements on the reels three sizes so far, the largest size will tip the measuring tape around 5.5"!

The Kraken XLA will be on the site soon, so make sure you have your browser on refresh to get you some! This reel is bound to impress and take the lead on the Allen lineup.

A TLTFF exclusive photo of the Kraken XLA sent to us by the awesome guys at Allen


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