Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fly Product...Ghillie Kettle

Via TFM:

Last week I was contacted by Jeff Gardner of Ghillie Kettle, regarding their kettle cooking system which is built of a timeless design and with simple function in mind.  Through the use of a small fire in the kettle base, heat from the fire passes through the center of the kettle, and water will typically boil in four to five minutes.  As a safety feature, when the water boils the cap will whistle.  

Kettles of this design have been used for over a hundred years and have a background in Ireland, New Zealand, and most recently England where it's been defined and improved over the years.

This looks like a really neat system and I will be getting one to test and review in the coming weeks.  I can imagine the children and I will have a good time with this making coffee and hot chocolate and I'll be interested in seeing how easy the small pot and pan are to use in cooking in the field.  

Ghillie Kettles are built and imported from Great Brittan and are offered in four different sizes, three types of finish, and also have accessories available to enhance the cooking abilities of this kettle system. 

Use code "TFMGHILLIE" for 10% off your order along with free shipping.  This code should be valid through the holidays.

Visit the Ghillie Kettles website for more information or to place an order.


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