Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TAKE ACTION - Save America's Founding Fish!

River herring and shad play an important role in the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic coast food web, and they once supported vital commercial and recreational fisheries.
Unfortunately, populations of shad and river herring have declined to historic lows, threatening coastal environments, economies and traditions dating back 200 years. Chesapeake states have done all they can to bring them back by closing fisheries and investing millions of dollars in habitat restoration projects. Yet in spite of all these efforts and restrictions, millions of shad and river herring continue to be killed by industrial fishing vessels targeting mackerel in mid-Atlantic waters. They need protection through strong federal conservation and management.
By signing the petition by clicking here, together we can ensure the future of these vital fish. The Bay and its rivers and streams need them.
You can see more info on other great causes under CBF's "Take Action" tab or by clicking here.

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