Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pro Fly Angling Tour (PFA)...Not My Cup of Tea

Recently launched, they have apparently already received an unbelievable number of applications. T-178 days till go time.

Via Orvis:

I logged into Facebook last night and found something unexpected and fascinating: Fly Fishing Team USA member Anthony Naranja has launched something called the Pro Fly Angling Tour, which aims to do for fly fishing what BASS Bassmaster competition did for bass fishing. Here’s what Anthony said on his Facebook page:
As many of you know, I have been working on a very large fly fishing project for the past few years. Fortunately, this project has become reality as of the past few months. . . . I have started a new style of fly fishing competition where this event will be limited to 120 members worldwide. It is a format never seen or used in this scale. Have you ever thought or dreamed of the possibilities of making money and fly fishing in front of large crowds and cameras with a passion that we all love and have done for fun? Well that is what the Pro Fly Angling Tour provides! This format is fast paced, athletic and an all out intense way of fly fishing. Currently we are searching for 120 of the world’s top fly anglers to start the inaugural season of the PFA Tour in the spring of 2014. If you are interested in being a competitor for the PFA Tour or just want to be a fan of this new style of fly fishing competition, go to www.pfatour.org for more information. I have appreciated all of your support through the years and hope this Tour opens up a whole new way of competitive fly fishing!
So, of course, I immediately clicked over to the PFA website to see what was up. I found what seems to be a mission statement: “Financial rewards and video exposure to a worldwide audience for fly fishing is the mission of the PFA Tour in hopes of encouraging more and more people to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.”
I am very curious to see what kind of reaction he gets on this new venture. I assuming that many will be virulently against it, while others will be fascinated by the new format and interested in trying it out.
Click on over to the PFA website and poke around a bit.
Just not my cup of tea...at all. Fly fishing, to me, is all about enjoying good time with friends, natures beauty, and occasionally a few brews and stogies.

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