Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fly Product...The GoPro HERO 3+

Via Moldy Chum:

The flagship Black edition is now 20 percent smaller, there are  improvements to the optics, which GoPro claims gives a 33 percent increase in image sharpness, while reducing artifacts by a factor of two. Feature-wise there's a new 1080 "SuperView" mode which takes footage from 4:3 aspect ratio, and presents it in an immersive 16:9 view. Other improvements include a new auto-low light mode that will adjust the frame rate on the fly, revised audio internals, four times faster WiFi and wireless camera updates via your phone. Despite all of these additions, and the smaller form, it's claimed that your new GoPro will potentially offer up to 30 percent extra battery life, too.
And available now.
LINK (via: Endgadget)

You can roll on over to GoPro's site now and order your own. I waited out the HERO 3 for the next model and I think this is it, unless the HERO 4 makes it way out within the next 3 months. Moldy Chum also posted this last week...

GoPro Hero 4 specs get leaked

If you're considering buying a new GoPro you might want to wait.
Besides being able to film in 4K resolution at 30fps, rumor has it the GoPro HD Hero 4 will be able to record in ultra high framerate modes for HD and fullHD. 
Also included in the specifications is 700Mpixels/s oversampling performance, multi-exposure HDR and WDR tone mapping, and electronic image stabilization. There’s also WiFi capabilities with remote viewfinder and playback functions.
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