Sunday, October 6, 2013

Allen Fly Fishing Crew + Custom 14wt Glass Rod = Cabo Sailfish

Via TFM:

The boys from Allen Fly Fishing recently returned from Cabo on a field testing mission and while there put a big bend in a custom McFarland Rods eight foot 14 weight that Mike rolled up for them prior to the trip. 

Evan Burck of Allen Fly Fishing sent along a dispatch and a few photos of the fourteen weight doing some work in open water. 

Evan wrote...  "We had originally planned to head to San Diego for Mako sharks to test some new gear.  We reached out to Mike McFarland to build up some rods for us to take so we could try out some ideas we had.  Mike had an idea of his own and suggested we take some heavy duty fiberglass to do something completely different.  So he crafted up a 14 weight 8' glass rod to use for these mako sharks.  At the last minute, we changed our plans to fish in Cabo with a guide that I have fished with multiple times.  The billfish fishing has been exceptionally good this year, so it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

The rod caught countless skipjack tuna and dorado, and hooked in to a striped marlin and sailfish.  The striped marlin managed to shake the hook, but this sailfish was brought to hand.  Fighting these fish on glass is definitely a different overall feeling, but not one consisting of wet spaghetti noodle type action that so many seem to associate with glass for whatever reason. This rod has some serious power.  We enjoyed it so much we're considering having some more made for future trips in 10 and 12wt rods.  Or, if we really feel adventurous, work with Mike on a joint project of offering these big game fiberglass rods on our online store.  We're not ruling anything out.

The reel used on this particular sailfish is our Omega reel prototype.  The Omega is our first USA made reel, and will be released this fall."

Allen Fly Fishing Big Game Glass?  A U.S.A. made fly reel?  I am liking the sound of that. 


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