Friday, September 20, 2013

Fly Product...Copic Markers Airbrush Kit and Hareline Pattern Patches

Copic Markers are among the best waterproof fly coloring markers on the market. They have recently released and airbrush kit and Hareline has jumped on board bringing you new Pattern Patches to help make your flies all that much more convincing to the fish you target. Check it...

You can find the basic 12-piece set of Copic Markers on Amazon for around $59.00 or buy them individually at Caddis Fly Shop for about $6. The basic Airbrush Kit (for those with an air compressor) is around $25.10 on Amazon or the basic kit that is ready to go for those of you without a compressor for around $30 at Caddis Fly Shop. The Hareline Patterns can be found on the Caddis Fly Shop site as well, they cost around $7.50.

Its a bit of an investment but definitely worth it for how it will make your flies look!



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