Monday, September 16, 2013

Fly Product...Big Ice Trays


Big Ice Trays are the biggest ice trays you’ve ever seen.  Our trays make six 4 inch cubes, each cube weighing around 1 ½ lbs. That’s about 10 pounds per tray.  

“Big Ice” lasts twice as long, saves you money, and is easy to use and re-use

Big Ice is a breakthrough item for almost every fisherman and hunter.  It’s longer lasting ice, which is simple to make. Just fill the trays and place in the freezer. Whether you're heading out for a day trip of fishing or driving out of town, you will finally be able to make your own ice, instead of driving back and forth everyday for more ice.  Fishermen need ice to last all day while on a boat.  Hunters need ice to preserve their game for a long trip home.  This one critical aspect of both fishing and hunting trips impacts the preserving of their fish or game.  Whether it is a hunter traveling eight hours or the fisherman offshore all day in the heat, their ice melts too fast. 

$21.99 each
plus shipping 
Dimensions:  10.33” x 15.08” 3.95”
  • 10 pounds of ice per tray
  • Makes six 4 inch cubes
  • Last two times longer
  • No more plastic bags
  • Saves money!
  • Easy to use and reuse


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