Monday, September 2, 2013

Daily Deal...Sage TCX Fly Rod 5wt 9ft 0in 4pc

Via Deals on the Fly:

Normally $795, now only $450

To harness the expanded energy produced by the advanced Generation 5 (G5) Technology, Sage rod designer Jerry Siem created a radical new series of tapers and a fly rod that's lighter, stronger and more powerful than its predecessor.  Most importantly, the enhanced line feel and feedback mean intuitively better timing and an extraordinary level of casting ease for ultra-high-performance fly rods
Whether you're reaching for previously impossible lies, bombing it into a stiff Nor'Easter or showing off in the parking lot, the TCX provides skilled anglers with the ultimate tool for success when facing the most challenging situations.  The question is, what kind of amazing new cast will you make with it?

The Wow Cast. The Holy Smokes Cast. The highly coveted Are You Kidding Me Cast. These are just a few of the new casts that were discovered during the development of the all-new, ultra-high-performance TCX Series fly rods. Evolved from the popular TCR Series, TCX rods redefine the extreme distance category, as Sage continues to push the outer boundaries of fly rod performance. Reel Sold Seperately.


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