Saturday, September 28, 2013

68th Annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby

I forgot to post about the start of the MV Derby this year, apologies. The tournament has been running since 12:01am on September 15th and continues on till 10:00pm on October 19th. You can jump on and compete anytime within that time frame. This year people have been putting up awesome numbers, especially in the Bluefish divison where someone is holding down the Alltackle Boat lead with a Blue just short of 20lbs. The results are continuously updated, you can see them here.

I've always been amazed with the Derby, never having the opportunity to fish it. Next year I will on our trip up to Nantucket mid-September for the first time if I can't sneak away this year to participate and visit some friends up north. The prizes are ridiculous ranging from some new gear all the way up to a new truck and boat...crazy.

For more info on the background of the Derby, click here. You can also browse the Derby site by clicking here. Check out the Derby's FB page and Twitter if you get the chance for live updates. Click on the photo below to read the souvenir booklet.


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